Thanks to the development of VDR integration in recent years, electronic invoices, waybills, and other primary documents completely replace paper counterparts, including when interacting with regulatory authorities.

What Is the Main Goal of the Paperless Office Practices?

Since the goal of transition to a paperless electronic document flow, at least with the implementation of virtual data rooms, is not directly set, the results from this point of view are not often evaluated. Nevertheless, calculations from the evaluations of several projects say that the automation of 500 office workers of a large industrial enterprise saves more than half a million rubles on printing documents per year. This amount is less than a quarter of the total received and calculated economic effect from the implementation, but it can theoretically influence the choice in favor of automation.

As practice shows, the best way to get rid of paper in the office is to design all business processes with the virtual data rooms, so that a printed copy simply does not exist in them, if possible, receive data from web forms, mobile devices, etc. Impossible, the first step should be scanning all paper documents and then redirecting them by e-mail to OCR systems capable of extracting data from forms and transferring them to corporate processing systems.

The first step to getting rid of paper is to fill in the information by using the virtual data room. It doesn’t matter if you scan documents or store them electronically immediately after creation. The main thing is to bring data into the information ecosystem, use it in business processes and quickly respond to changes. Mobile devices and cloud applications make this task much easier and more powerful. Telecommuters can connect to work anytime, anywhere and be as active as their colleagues in the office. This will take the company’s efficiency, productivity, and responsiveness to the next level.

What Is the Price of Paperless Office Practices for VDR Integration?

If you’ve ever rummaged through reams of paper for an invoice or skimmed through paper files for too long, you may have dreamed of a paperless office. You won’t be alone. The main goal of the project is to stop using paper in offices through the digitalization of the workplace. In a paperless office, documents are generated in electronic format where workplaces are equipped with new devices. When performing an operation, a document is displayed to the client on the tablet screen, which he confirms with his digital handwritten signature by moving the stylus across the screen.

The arguments for throwing away the stacks of paper by using virtual data rooms for the best vdr pricing are compelling: 

  • By eliminating paper in filing cabinets, a company can free up more space and reduce storage costs off-site. 
  • By exchanging information electronically with suppliers and customers, a company can make information quickly available – and, conversely, more confidential and secure through the use of encryption, passwords, and other security measures. 
  • For some businesses – such as healthcare, which are regulated by the Health Insurance Portability and Privacy Act – paperless records may be a regulatory requirement.

Besides, the system of electronic interaction of executive authorities is designed to automate the processes of creating, sending, transferring, receiving, processing, using, storing, destroying documents in electronic form and copies of paper documents in electronic form using electronic digital signatures that do not contain information with limited access, and control over the use of acts.

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